Women’s Counsellıng Center

If you are experiencing gender-based violence, you can reach our Women's Counseling Center via telephone, e-mail or in-person to seek social, legal and psychological counseling. The center is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 11.00-17.00; and on Thursday between 13.00- 17.00. We do not request documentation (i.e. ID cards) for applications, and do not request any fee for the counseling we provide.

Women’s Counseling Centers provide different types of counseling and support to women who experience gender-based violence in order for the empowerment of women to get  away from the perpetrator and the violent situation.

In our Women’s Counseling Center we provide free of charge social, legal and  psychological counseling to women. We take women’s accounts of the violence experienced, develop needs and risk assessment together with the applicant, provide information on the legal rights and the existing mechanisms of combating violence, evaluate options together, make necessary referrals and follow the process afterwards. Throughout this process, we do not judge or blame the women for the violence that they experienced; keeping in mind that inflicting violence is always the choice and crime of the perpetrator.

In 2017, 364 women applied to our center to receive different types of support. We have provided social counseling to %67, legal counseling to %40, and psychological counseling to %6 of the applicants.

Address: Mithatpaşa Cad. 10/11 Sıhhiye – ANKARA
Tel: 0 312 430 40 05 – 432 07 82
E-mail: bilgi@kadindayanismavakfi.org.tr