Who we are

The Foundation for Women’s Solidarity is a women’s organization dedicated to fight all types of gender-based violence. The Foundation has been actively combating gender-based violence since 1991 by carrying out advocacy activities, organizing workshops and trainings, and performing awareness raising activities. It opened Turkey’s first independent Women’s Counselling Centre in 1991, and Turkey’s first independent women’s shelter in cooperation with a municipality in 1993.

In 2005, the Foundation has also opened a shelter for trafficked women in cooperation with international organizations and public institutions. This shelter supported 286 women and 11 children between the years 2005-2016.

The fundamental strategy of the Foundation is to empower women to be the sole decision-makers of their lives. In its fight with violence, the Foundation follows women’s human rights norms and aims to strengthen women’s voices to create societal change. To this end, the Foundation has built strong ties with the women’s rights movement in Turkey as well as with the EU. Each year, more than 300 women facing gender-based violence receive free social, legal and psychological counselling from the Foundation’s Counselling Center.

The Foundation also works to enrich the solidarity among women from various  backgrounds to create a wider audience in society to challenge stereotypes and traditional roles that undermine gender equality. For this purpose, the Foundation sustains its work with volunteers from different occupations, young women from universities, local movements as well as all rights based CSOs in Turkey.